Pladinum is Privacy by default

Welcome to a better internet where privacy and freedom come first

Fight Surveillance with Encryption, Privacy Tools and Hardware

With Pladinum, we transfer your business where the data belongs to you, not tech companies, governments, or hackers

Our business is to transfer your business into an encrypted and privacy friendly business that help you fight for a better internet that is secure and private by default.

Most tech companies, whether it’s Google or Apple, define privacy as “nobody can exploit your data except for us.” We disagree.

We believe nobody should be able to exploit your data, period. Our technology and business are based upon this fundamentally stronger definition of privacy.

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Your data, your privacy

Pladinum provides easy-to-use encrypted (web) hosting, email, calendar, VPN, and much more, built on the principle of your data, your rules.

Your privacy is ensured by strong encryption, open-source code and privacy laws.